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The above photo was taken from my apartment in Downtown Los Angeles the night the LA Dodgers won the World Series. 


You are reading this because at some point since the start of SYFR Projects in 2018 you took the time to teach us more about what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Whether we had a 30-minute meeting or we're engaged in business together, we have incorporated something we learned from you into the way we operate and the goals we worked towards this past year. Our hope with this newsletter is that you will know your support means everything to us and that we see you as part of the SYFR Projects race team and any wins we have.  

We are excited to be living and making music at this moment in history. I believe the biggest hits from the '20s will tell true stories of courage, unity, and the fearless pursuit of freedom. I believe authenticity will be checked, more than ever, by artists, fans, brands, and team members. I believe the work we have been doing these past 3 years has set us up for a huge 2021. 

- Sean O'Leary | SYFR Projects 🏁


2020 GOALS


First Hit Record


250 Tickets In 5 Markets


First Large Deal 





26 Records In 26 Weeks

We missed this goal.


Creating and distributing hit records is the name of the game. With the shows, festivals, and events we'd lined up getting canceled in March we doubled down on growing as writers and publishers of music. For WONDR, this meant getting back to his roots as a producer and learning how to mix and master records himself. For Iceberg Ferg, it meant non-stop sessions and executive producing projects for new and established artists. For Conner Moye, it was focusing on having successful writes and finding himself as a writer and artist. For Sean, it was booking sessions and negotiating songwriter agreements. 


Over the last 26 weeks of 2020, WONDR released a new song every Friday. All but 1 of these records were produced, written, and engineered by WONDR. He has released 30 songs and counting since Jan of 2020 and owns 100% of the music rights to every composition and master recording. 


WONDR (left) Iceberg Ferg (center) Conner Moye (right) 

Team Writing Camps at our Valley Lane Studio


Bryant (left) T-ron (center) WONDR (right) 

Brand Pillars With Digital Team  

This year we defined what a hit was to us. A hit amasses over 150 million streams in a 6 month period. 

On the distribution and marketing front in 2020, we ran on the motto "one fan, one DJ at a time."  The focus was listening to the people and potential fans. We needed to learn how to effectively move the needle with the music, PR, social media, and fan activations (without paying for plays or playlists). Our director of PR, Shae Foote, organized over 25 meaningful interviews with radio/media personalities and a Songtrust Company Spotlight. We sent hundreds of WONDR Merch Bombs (koozies, autographed Hot Wheels, and stickers) to core fans and DJs. We hired 3 digital marketing team members in December with the goal of driving potential fans to the music. WONDR started producing lyric, acoustic, and beat-making videos to push singles and establish his relationship further with fans.  

WONDR's first record "White Aston" hit 1 Million Spotify Streams. Iceberg Ferg wrote on the Title Track for the Netflix hit "Charming." Conner Moye made it through private auditions with producers from The Voice and American Idol and after earning spots on both shows, declined.

First Hit Record


Building Fans And Performers





We missed this goal. 

WONDR and Conner Moye started the year strong headlining a Corporate show for Hendrick Automotive and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that raised over $400,000 for cystic fibrosis research. WONDR hit the stage at a number of local shows in NC and both WONDR and Conner Moye had been booked for events at SXSW with RocNation and Songland before Covid hit. 

The cancellation of shows did not stop us from attacking this goal with everything we had. As mentioned above, we ran on the motto "one fan, one DJ at a time." Fans buy the tickets but we believe DJs and media personalities are essential to marketing and promoting events locally. We are connected via email and phone with members from the Coalition and Fleet DJs across the country. We have been attending and organizing virtual and in-person events where we have the opportunity to build relationships and get drops to DJs (digital shoutouts used in mixes). We connected with music directors at Sirius XM and Dash Radio landing WONDR interviews and invitations to events in NYC. Shae connected us with over 25 media personalities. Our growing digital team is identifying trends and markets where WONDR and his music are hitting locally and globally. 

WONDR kept his growing fanbase entertained and pipes warm with 8 acoustic performances (see below), 14 beat-making videos, and his first virtual shows. 





From Modeling and Construction to Venture and Brand Opportunities

We missed this goal.

We did not land the six-figure deal we set out for in 2020. To start the year off we took two trips up to New York where in meetings with current partners and potential brands, we were unable to secure a deal. In February we had conversations with a local inbound investor but it was not the right fit. By March we had started working with a venture fund out of TN. We now have formal pitch deck for investors and are starting outreach again this quarter. When the BLM protests began we choose to slow down and listen. When and where we get money to fund SYFR Projects will be a part of our story and our artist's brands. We are happy to keep hustling and building fans knowing the right deal will come to us. To keep the lights on this past year we produced a show for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, sold 100+ hoodies, earned hundreds of thousands of streams, modeled, and remodeled kitchens. WONDR is now on multiple products in every Walmart, Target, and CVS in the country. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 7.51.21 PM.png



Our Mission at SYFR Projects is to help artists create, acquire, monetize, and protect music they own. This past year has been all about making music, listening, and providing value to our current and potential fans. 2021 will be a year of marketing with our new partners and fans. The #1 goal is to have our first hit records. The #2 goal is to position ourselves to tour successfully. The #3 goal is to monetize goals #1 and #2. 

What to expect in 2021:O

  • Our First Hit Records

  • New music and new video content weekly   

  • Live shows (virtual & in-person) 

  • New collaborations in Media, Fashion, and Racing 

  • The launch of Conner Moye

  • Music Placements and Production Credits 

  • Additions to the SYFR Projects team

Thank you again for being a part of this journey with us. We look forward to keeping in touch. Let's go racing 🏁

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